Establishing a Market

Started in 2021, our first Christkindlesmarkt occurred for four consecutive Saturdays from the 27th of November to the 18th of December. Though our opening weekend was the smallest one, it got the community talking! More and more vendors applications came in, Christmas merchandise was ordered, crowds were growing into Oktoberfest numbers, and everyone was enthusiastic for the holiday season.

As of now, due to sizing restrictions, our market is sized to accommodate around 12 vendors every weekend. No worries though! This lends to the cozy atmosphere guests felt as they walked into Schulz Bräu. Additionally, with new vendors every weekend, there is plenty to choose from every time.

Planning and Festivities

To bring the best experience to our guests, a lot of planning went into the event. Vendors were carefully selected based on the quality of their products and provided great insight from their previous market experiences. Santa and Krampus also made sure to stop in every Saturday to chat with guests and take pictures before they had to be off again to handle all their seasonal responsibilities!

Live music in the Biergarten also set the mood for a traditional Christkindlesmarkt. Guests could peruse the market while hearing classic holiday songs and sipping on Gluhwein. One of the best parts? Snow! Our snow machine provided a true Christmas atmosphere throughout the day and added the magical touch that the market needed.

Once the sun went down, everything seemed to fall into place as the Christmas light came on. With a 22’ Christmas Tree centered in the Biergarten, and our other trees red from the fall, the night became picturesque. Hot chocolate, Gluhwein, and firepits kept guests warm enough to enjoy the seasonal views.

German Markets

For some background, Christkindlesmarkts are Christmas Markets occurring in Germany and are also held for four weeks. Hopefully, as our annual market continues, we can add in more and more authentic German aspects such as nativity scenes, nutcrackers, and gingerbread houses!

Be sure to check out our Christkindlesmarkt event page to see media of some great ways we’ve celebrated the market and what’s instore for next year!