The Brewery

Our brew system is manufactured by Smart Machine Technologies (SMT) and was designed and built in Virginia. It is a 3-vessel system which consists of a Mash Tun, Lauter Tun and Boilkettle/Whirlpool tank. All of them are 30bbl in size and the system is completed with a 60bbl Hot Liquor Tank (HLT).

Our tanks are manufactured by Allied Beverage Tanks (ABT) who are headquartered in Chicago, IL. We have a total of 10 tanks and a total tank volumne of 670bbl (20,770 gallon or 78511 Liters) which allows us to serve our beer at our on-site taproom and Biergarten as well as to distribute across Knox county and surrounding counties. You can also find our beer in Vermont and Upstate New York.