Oktoberfest Music
& Entertainment 2023

Oktoberfest is our biggest event of the year here at Schulz Bräu! Meticulous planning goes into creating the special 3-week festival. Especially since we do our best to follow Munich traditions as they pratice them today. That means fitting in as much Polka Music as possible!

The Alex Meixner Band

New Braunfels, Texas

Alex Meixner is a nationally acclaimed musician, performer, bandleader, educator and a leading advocate of polka music. Formally trained in classical, jazz and ethnic music, Alex has cross-pollinated his versatile playing styles through pop music, funk, jazz and polka. He is an active ambassador for polka music, revitalizing interest coast to coast resulting in sold out shows, renewed cultural interest, and growing mainstream acceptance. For Alex, it’s more than playing energetic shows; it is a mission to provide a much needed positive experience that pulls communities together to celebrate history, culture and genuinely good times.”

LynnMarie & The Nashville Polka Guys

Nashville, Tennessee

“Five-Time Grammy Nominee LynnMarie & The Nashcille Polka Guys make the accordion fun and sexy for a whole new generation. Dubbed “The Dixie Chick Of the Accordion” by Jay Leno, the squeeze box player and vocalist and first female artist ever to win a Grammy nod for Best Polka Album, fuses high-energy rock, pop, country and the traditional music of her ethnic heritage to wow crowds everywhere: from Oktoberfests, to music festivals, coffee houses and all over North America and Europe!”

The Polkanauts

Denver, Colorado

“Here comes the mighty Polkanauts. …. these guys have to be seen live to be believed – they are that dope. Heavy metal polka, yet still traditional enough to play all the old favorites (“Roll out the Barrel,” “Milwaukee Polka,” “In Heaven there is No Beer” and many more), they also cover Black Sabbath, Slayer,.. and Enuff Z’ Nuff. Donning their blaze orange jumpsuits, they look like they are about to board the space shuttle; instead they embark upon a cross genre journey between Metal/ Rock/Pop and Polka. Spread the word. ”

The Überland Band

Hamilton, Ohio

“Emerging from the Gerhard Albinus Band, the Überland Band was created to keep things clear and simple. Over time, The Gerhard Albinus Band has morphed into a Rock, Alternative, Dance, Psychedelic Band. Which is fun and successful.”

Überland is brand new to the brewery! Coming in to spice-up the line-up, this is a band that’s going to have the crowd up and moving!

Bavarski Band

New Jersey

Bavarski was born through the encouragement of my friend, Alex Meixner, at a Hoboken brat haus over big beers and even bigger ideas. The additions of Ernie White (vocals and guitar) and Wayne Dunton (drums) meant that the core of our band was finally complete. Bavarski’s mission is to rock an Oktoberfest by performing both traditional and non-traditional music, creating something for everyone to identify with regardless of their age or ethnicity.”

The Czechers

Panama City, Florida

“The Czechers were established in 2016 in Panama City FL as four Czechoslovakian guys playing old traditional central European songs, when we realized that beer, accordion and our pub songs were not anymore in our lives as much as we wanted. The opportunities evolved, we were adding more songs for different venues and while playing a lot for Czech and German restaurants, loving beer and good old polka, we naturally steered toward Oktoberfest events where we enjoy the beer, big crowds and all the good time craziness.

We were lucky enough to have added a fiddle excitement to our music performed by another Czech musician, this time lovely Verka who travels from Europe to play with us.”


Cincinnati, Ohio

“We are THE Euro-American Party Band, providing a variety of energetic music that sets the tone of the party. Our vast song list includes many modern and traditional German songs, as well as Pop/Rock, Country, Swing, other varieties of Ethnic music. Our forte is in choosing the right combination and proportion of this variety to specifically fit YOUR function and keep the crowd interested, dancing and having fun. Book today and join us on the ‘Prost-Coaster!'”

Musicians in Concord Brass Band

Concord Brass

Knoxville, Tennessee

“Concord Brass was founded in 2001 by fellow brass musicians and church goers. The group has come a long way, playing for many different events and stretching their abilities as musicians by including genres such as jazz, polkas, marches, classical, and Christmas.

A portable ensemble, they can play almost anywhere, and have been seen at picnics, in sanctuaries, on stage at contemporary worship services, outside of retail establishments, in private clubs, and at Oktoberfest, perhaps one of their more memorable performances.”

The Knoxville Polka Kings

Knoxville, Tennessee

“Mike and Sande of the Knoxville Polka Kings start off Schulz Bräu’s Oktoberfest! Their Polka passion shines through when they start performing as early as 5:30AM for our Barrel-Tapping ceremony. These traditional artists feature music on the accordion, tuba, and more! Listening in on this band makes you feel as though you’re in the middle of Munich Oktoberfest. When visiting during the two-week celebration, happily enjoy one of the bands that have been dedicated to Schulz Bräu since the beginning.”

More bands will be announced soon!