Opening Anniversary

Schulz Brau has become so much more than we originally hoped for thanks to the support of our guests. Therefore, we enjoy hosting a celebration every year to acknowledge everyone's hard work along with community support.

2022 Schedule


Specialty Beer Releases

6PM: Stein Hoisting Competitions

7-11PM: Live Music by The Klaberheads


12PM: FREE .5L Specialty Stein for First 150 Customers

1-5PM: Live Music by The Klaberheads

6PM: Stein Hoisting Competitions

8-11PM: Live Music by LynnMarie and The Nashville Polka Guys


5-8PM: Live Music by LynnMarie and The Nashville Polka Guys

6PM: Stein Hoisting Competitions

Where We Started

The Castle Comes to Fruition!

Although the Grand Opening was on Friday, June 10, at 6:00 pm, preparation began long beforehand. Months of planning, construction, and brewing occurred before Schulz Brau’s doors first opened. Not many know, but only six beers were available on tap at the time (click the box below to see which ones were being poured)!

Those numbers have more than doubled today. Now, Anniversary Celebrations are filled with more than 15 brews to choose from, day-long festivities, special releases, German culture, and community enthusiasm!

The “Beer Castle” is a proud accomplishment of the Schulz Family and having an anniversary celebration every year is one of the few ways they’ve chosen to share all of their hard work with the community. 

We hope to see you at this year’s celebration! Every year gets bigger and better, and everyone is excited to celebrate. Prost!


How We Celebrate

Though this event only lasts for one weekend, we make sure to go all out! View the festivities below and mark your calendar for next year!
Take-Home Memento
Stein Hoisting Competitions
View of Accordion Player Behind Red Flowers
Live Polka Music

The Original Six

Take a look at the given hint and see if you can guess what our original six draft pours were on opening day!
This beer is golden and bitter


This beer is a sweet Munich specialty


This beer has notes of clove and banana


This beer is a an oldie of ours now


This beer translates as "black beer"


This beer is our "Summer Shandy"