The Beginning

Established in 2016, Schulz Bräu Brewing contains Knoxville’s first Biergarten (voted one of the best in the South)! The owner, Nico Schulz, is far from being a brewery novice (with the co-owning of another brewery under his belt). After attending college at the University of Kentucky, Nico opened his first brewery that is still going strong today. Kentucky wasn’t enough though.

The move to Tennessee was prompted by business and family. This is where Schulz Bräu Brewing would come to fruition. Months of planning, construction, and brewing occurred before Schulz Bräu’s doors first opened. Not many know, but only six beers were available on tap at the time (German Pilsner, Munich Dunkel, Hefeweizen, Helles Bock, Schwarzbier, and Radler)! Guests were welcome to try the different brews after the Grand Opening took place on Friday, June 10th at 6:00PM. (And try they did!) Guests were packed wall to wall – showing their full support for the new business.

The Family

For such a large up-start project, Nico wasn’t in it alone. Brittany Schulz, his wife – now a pharmacist – worked at Schulz Bräu in those first few years. Her parents also jump into the fray during busy times like Oktoberfest. Not to be forgotten, Wolfgang and Ilona, Nico’s parents, work at and support Schulz Bräu to this day. His brother Stephan owns Schulzes Schnitzel Kitchen and started his own woodworking business later on. It seems that the Schulz name lends itself to driven entrepreneurs!

Often times, you can see any one of the family members walking about Schulz Bräu. While they are hard workers, they do know to allow themselves time to enjoy the atmosphere and culture they’ve brought to Knoxville.

When visiting, be sure to take time to look into the décor throughout the building. Much of what you’ll see are products brought from Germany by the family. You may even spot a young, toddling Nico and Stephan in a few of the pictures! (And if you really want to impress? Ask Ilona about her chocolate and teas!)

Continuing On

What started as a family business quickly shot up in popularity and more and more staff was hired over the years. Today, Schulz Bräu is able to proudly claim its authentic craft beer and community-unifying events. Coming from Germany, the Schulz Family have made their mark in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Read this feature on our Grand Opening: Schulz Brau Brewing Company preparing for grand opening (

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