Find Your Spot

Upon entering through a large Entrance Tower, you will be able to enjoy your beer in some amazing locations. Take a seat in the great hall or relax in the Biergarten that offers you an outside bar, fire-pits to keep you warm in the winter, and a state-of-the-art misting system to keep you cool all summer long. We also offer a Mezzanine Loft that overlooks the bierhall and the brewery.

All tables, benches and chairs in our Biergarten are imported from Germany (fun fact: many of the tables and chairs are actually retired furniture from Munich's Oktoberfest) to give you the most authentic experience. Large trees throughout the Biergarten provide a shaded spot to enjoy your beer and the large walls surrounding the Biergarten will make you forget about all the trouble of the outside world.
With seating for over 300 guests, you'll be sure to find the perfect spot

Firepits and water misters are available throughout to provide a comfortable atmosphere
Seating for over 130 guests and 20+ beers on-tap gives a variety of options

Several TVs throughout the Taproom broadcast the latest news and sports so you don't miss a thing
Our Mezzanine loft is available for private bookings for your event!

You're sure to stay cozy with several couches, a TV, and a fireplace available

The Brewery

Click on each picture for an insider's peek into our brewing system & processes!
Our brew system is manufactured by Smart Machine Technologies (SMT) and was designed and built in Virginia.
It is a 3-vessel system which consists of a Mash Tun, Lauter Tun and Boikettle/Whirlpool tank.
All of them are 30bbl in size and the system is completed with a 60bbl Hot Liquor Tank (HTL).
Our tanks are manufactured by Allied Beverage Tanks (ABT) who are headquartered in Chicago, IL.
We have a total of 10 tanks and a total tank volume of 679bbl (20,770 gallons or 78,511 liters) which allows us to serve our beer at our on-site taproom and Biergarten as well as to distribute across Knox county and surrounding counties.
You can also find our beer in Vermont and Upstate New York.