dark brown with ruby highlights

Notes of: Chocolate, Plum, Toast

First brewed by Monks in Munich, this beer style may just be a product of divine intervention. We bring you a full-bodied Bock with a rich depth of flavor to accompany its sweet maltiness. Our Bavarian-Style Doppelbock Lager will have you quoting: “I’ll be Bock!”

History: Originally brewed in Munich, Doppelbock is another Bavarian specialty that we have brewed to perfection. Historically, due to lack of brew knowledge, many Doppelbock turned out incredibly sweet. Some even considered it as “liquid bread” during these times!

Balanced with Residual Bitterness

ABV: 8.2%

IBU: 28

Best Paired With...

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Jäger Schnitzel


Schnitzel Pizza
"...a malty, high alcohol experience."
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