Ritterfest with
Schulz Bräu Brewing

Check out our wonderful 2024 lineup and be sure to reference the schedule for dates and times!

The Battles

Nashville Armored Combat

NAC puts on a show of quality violence! Put ’em in the cage and watch only one walk away! This level of badassery only allows them to perform once – Saturday, April 6th! *NOTE: Viewing Caution Advised! This is a legitimate battling group – no pulled punches!

Dauntless Armored Combat

This battle-ready troupe joins us for realistic fighting knights! These warriors provide Ritterfest with a few different forms of entertainment including: Tournament-Style Battles Apr. 13th & 14th AND a family-night on Apr. 7th where YOU are encouraged to come up and battle!

The Bands

Lady Kim Adamson

Harpist local to Maryville, TN – you may have watched her performance at our Christkindlesmarkt! Lady Kim is ready to let her harmonies come to life!

The Fiddler and The Flutist

This medieval duo provides music via… well, it’s in the name! Hear the instrument’s voice ring out through the Biergarten to create an eclectic-style with a techno twist!

The Crossjacks

“The Crossjacks is an acoustic music entertainment act hailing from various ports of call in East Tennessee… The trio performs an eclectic variety of the European Folk music that shaped the Appalachian music of today.”

Concord Brass

A traditional Polka band that can’t wait to put a Medieval twist on their classic performances! This instrumental group will soon have you clapping & dancing along!


Axe Throwing with Til Ragnarok

Time to practice your marksmanship!

Divine Offering Intuitive

Learn ye fortune, anyone?

Hair Braiding with Braids That Slay

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! (No, not the lettuce!)

Photo Ops with Medieval Stocks!

Guilty of the crime? 

The Merchants

Cousland Crafts

Cousland Crafts

Handmade Chainmail & Scalemail Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories

FRI.5 | SAT.6 | SUN.7 | FRI.12 | SUN.14

Pack Davis Pottery

​Handmade Ceramics


Butter from the Block

Small Batch Gourmet Butter


Great Blue Designs

Handmade Jewelry; Primarily Sterling Silver & Natural Stones

FRI.5 | SAT.6 | FRI.12 | SAT.13

Dragon Armor Games

Fantasy Gaming Products


Mak of All Braids

Specialty Festival Hair Braiding

FRI.12 | SAT.13 | SUN.14

Draiochta Wonders

Wooden Weaponry & Wands

SAT.6 | SUN.7 | FRI.12 | SAT.13 | SUN.14

Draiochta Whimsies

Medieval Crafts & Decor

SUN.7 | SUN.14

Dragon Armor Games
RiTTiK Crafts

RiTTiK Crafts

Woodturning, Specialty Pens, Pottery, Figurines

SAT.13 | SUN.14

Holz Kraft

Woodwork with Barrels, Photography, & More

Saturday | Sunday

Salemcraft Candles

Woodwork with Barrels, Photography, & More

FRI.5 | SUN.7 | SUN.14

Knoxville Fine Violins

Woodwork with Barrels, Photography, & More

FRI.5 | SAT.6 | SAT.13 | SUN.14

Tortoise and The Ware

Themed Trinkets & Apparel

FRI.5 | SUN.7 | FRI.12

Plush Moon Terrarium

Unique Terrariums & Plant Care Info

FRI.5 | FRI.12


Functional & Decorative Pottery


Melm’s Topshelf Pottery

Crystals, Jewelry

FRI.5 | SAT.6 | SUN.7

Tortoise and The Ware
Divine Offering Intuitive

Divine Offering Intuitive

Fortune Telling; Tarot Reading; Spell Packs

SAT.7 | SUN.7 | SAT.13

Crafty Byrd House

Macramé Goodies & Other Artsy Items


The Art of Paulina Fae

Whimsical Artwork & Prints

FRI.12 | SAT.13

Wild Pony Studios

Glass-Blown Jewelry, Decor, & Demos

FRI.5 | SAT.6 | SUN.7

Til Ragnarök

Caged Axe Throwing & Merch